The Valencian company closed last year with a total production of 25 million litres of ice cream


Helados Estiu, a Valencian ice cream manufacturer, has closed the 2018 financial year with a turnover of €55 million  y ha producido and has produced 25 million litres of ice cream . Net profits reached €2.45 million, an increase of 6.5% over the previous year. Mercadona’s specialist supplier company hhas launched three new products this year: A mini Oreo stick, a mini double mint stick and a mini cookie sandwich.

The company with 100% Valencian capital as increased its production in recent years by more than one million litres of ice cream per year and has invested from €2 million to €5 million each year for state-of-the-art and unique production in Europe in some of its references.

After the purchase of the 70,000 m2 site at Cheste in 2016, where the new stores have been located to improve the company’s logistics, the new project will be the construction of a new industrial building on the same site, which will house absolutely new productions.

Over the next two years, an investment of €14 million is planned, which will include not only the design and construction of the Cheste plant, but also improvements to the quality of existing processes, to increase the efficiency of production lines, purchase of machinery, expansion of equipment and improvement of the facilities in Ribarroja de Túria.


This year’s new products are the mini Oreo stick, the mint stick and the cookie sandwich

Helados Estiu was founded in 1983 and has not stopped growing and reinvesting profits because it sustains that a fundamental part of its success in the spirit that impregnates and runs the company is the transversal search for excellence in each and every one of the departments, with the support and involvement of the workers. It currently has 130 employees, which represents a 6% increase in staff over the last two years. Everyone is offered continued training.
It is a company that combines family tradition with the most advanced technology and has gone from manufacturing half a million litres of ice cream to the current 25 million, without forgetting that the manufacture of some of its ice creams is practically unique in Europe and requires not only maximum quality, but also state-of-the-art manufacturing systems and constant investment.