Guarantee of success.

At Helados Estiu we consider the Research and Development Department to be fundamental, because it allows us to create ice creams of maximum quality and care, in order to achieve the satisfaction of our consumers. Our approach is to anticipate your wishes and, above all, offer you increasingly innovative, surprising ice creams with the best raw materials, attractive textures and differentiated flavours.

We constantly invest in R&D so that the department can prepare new references each year and successfully launch them on the market. In addition, this department is responsible for improvements in other fundamental aspects, such as resource management, constant innovation and continuous improvement, which makes it easier for all people at Helados Estiu to have excellence as an attainable goal.


Our commitment is to customers and nature.

Helados Estiu’s activity is focused on the design, manufacture and distribution of the highest quality ice cream and that is why we commit to:

Implement a market-oriented strategy that allows us to continuously know the needs of our customers and consumers, to meet these needs with the products and services demanded. Our tools: quality, flexibility and fast response.

To assure the continuous improvement of processes and products and to meet the internal requirements of Helados Estiu, S.A., of the customer and those that are legal and regulatory.

To comply with the requirements specified by the interested parties, both those that are legal and regulatory as well as other requirements to which we want to commit to, seeking the satisfaction of all parties and the continuous improvement of the Management System.

To promote the knowledge of these requirements in our company, through the training and awareness of our staff, training them so that they can assume their responsibilities in quality, safety and environmental matters.

For each and every one of the members of the organisation to act in a responsible way from the ethics and work perspective, taking into account all the human and moral factors that, in the long term, are essential for the life of the company.

To ensure the availability of the necessary resources to achieve environmental and quality targets.

To design, build and manage our facilities and processes with the best possible practices to prevent pollution, optimize the consumption of natural resources and promote energy efficiency.

To disseminate our quality and environment policy to all levels of the organisation, customers, suppliers, contractors, general public and other interested parties.

These commitments provide the framework for action, establishment and review of the Objectives and Goals and should serve as a guide for all the people of Helados Estiu, S.A. so that, by integrating this policy into the planning and management of the company, a coherent response is ensured in those activities related to the Environment, Quality and Food Safety.


Always in search of excellence.

If there is something that characterises Helados Estiu, it is the search for excellence. This is something that transversally permeates all the company’s departments.

All employees support this philosophy, which is based on management that always seeks to promote communication and teamwork and from which strong leadership emanates.

Helados Estiu practises the culture of effort both internally and with its suppliers and collaborators. Never taking anything for granted is in the company’s DNA. Every success is preceded by months and months of effort.