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Este año ha finalizado la nueva fábrica de Cheste con una inversión global de 31 millones de euros. La empresa valenciana Helados Estiu superó en 2020 los 30 millones de litros de helado vendidos, facturó 75 millones de euros y creó 50 nuevos puestos de trabajo. La empresa ha continuado su inversión en Cheste, donde ha concluido la construcción de su nueva fábrica, para aumentar su capacidad, con la instalación de nuevas líneas tecnológicamente avanzadas, Consolida así una inversión de más de 31 millones de euros. Hoy, la empresa valenciana ya está fabricando en sus dos plantas, en esta nueva [...]

23 July, 2021|Categories: Company, Results|

Helados Estiu joins the Fundación LAB Mediterráneo with AVE to bolster R&D&I

Boosting entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and research is the main objective of the Fundación LAB Mediterráneo, a new project spearheaded by the Valencian Association of Entrepreneurs (AVE), and with 24 founding sponsors including Helados Estiu. The Foundation has set out its initial goals: to encourage the creation and participation of tech startups, to promote support for businesses outside of the technology sector in the Valencian Community with the aim of accelerating their digital development, to contribute to increased private investment in R&D&I, and to facilitate advances in research. Many actions have been planned to help realise these goals, particularly the hosting [...]

1 March, 2021|Categories: Uncategorized|

Helados Estiu: committed to energy saving and energy efficiency

As part of its Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Programme, ice cream manufacturer Helados Estiu has developed a project for the introduction of energy management systems at its production plant in Ribaroja de Túria, Valencia. This initiative has equipped the centre with tools to monitor and control amount of electricity used, thus helping to reduce energy consumption by 84.86 MWh per annum, as well as the associated greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to 44.21 tonnes of CO2. This energy saving plan has been made possible thanks to the support received from the Spanish Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy [...]

1 October, 2020|Categories: Company|

New products: From the success of the Mochis to the classic mini-sticks and mini-sandwiches

Helados Estiu has just presented three new products in mini format, some of the most successful of the company, as they are perfect as a dessert or snack. These are a mini cocoa stick, a mini mint stick and a mini cookie sandwich. These three new products join the success of the mochis, which, inspired by the famous Japanese dessert, hide a delicious ice cream behind a coating of glutinous rice dough and also provide such an appetizing mouthful that they have made headlines in several national newspapers and magazines. Mini mint stick: For lovers of the English classic that [...]

5 March, 2020|Categories: Company|

WAO Mochi leads the internationalization of Helados Estiu

Helados Estiu begins its internationalization stage at the end of 2018 with the export of WAO mochi. An ice cream inspired by the famous Japanese dessert, with a glutinous rice dough topping and creamy ice cream filling. WAO mochi presents eight different flavours differentiating in the basic line with mango, coconut, vanilla and chocolate and in the premium line with tropical, matcha tea, caramel and cheesecake. The mango and tropical mochis stand out as a vegan product and the caramel and cheesecake mochis due to the caramel and raspberry inner sauces respectively. ASuper mini sandwich with vanilla-flavoured ice cream with [...]

5 March, 2020|Categories: Company|

Helados Estiu had a turnover of €55 million in 2018

The Valencian company closed last year with a total production of 25 million litres of ice cream   Helados Estiu, a Valencian ice cream manufacturer, has closed the 2018 financial year with a turnover of €55 million  y ha producido and has produced 25 million litres of ice cream . Net profits reached €2.45 million, an increase of 6.5% over the previous year. Mercadona's specialist supplier company hhas launched three new products this year: A mini Oreo stick, a mini double mint stick and a mini cookie sandwich. The company with 100% Valencian capital as increased its production in recent years by more than [...]

8 November, 2019|Categories: Company, Results|
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