Helados Estiu begins its internationalization stage at the end of 2018 with the export of WAO mochi. An ice cream inspired by the famous Japanese dessert, with a glutinous rice dough topping and creamy ice cream filling.

WAO mochi presents eight different flavours differentiating in the basic line with mango, coconut, vanilla and chocolate and in the premium line with tropical, matcha tea, caramel and cheesecake. The mango and tropical mochis stand out as a vegan product and the caramel and cheesecake mochis due to the caramel and raspberry inner sauces respectively. ASuper mini sandwich with vanilla-flavoured ice cream with chocolate chips with milk chocolate and almond coating. Its delicious cookie also has chocolate chips. To have as a snack or enjoy at any time.

This new ice cream was a technological challenge that Helados Estiu has been able to carry out with great investments in R & D, being able to produce our WAO mochi with high quality and in large volumes. Recent investments in technology and logistics guarantee a large export capacity.

Helados Estiu has participated in the following fairs so that all consumers in the world can enjoy our WAO mochi,:

  • SIAL PARIS 2018: a fair for the agri-food sector aimed at an exclusively professional audience. More than 155,000 representatives of the sector attended, 7,000 exhibitors, where more than 85% were international from more than 100 countries. Helados Estiu under the brand name WAO mochi won the exclusive award for innovative product.
  • HORECATEL 2019: fair for the HORECA sector positioned as the most important B2B fair dedicated to professionals in the Horeca and Gastronomy sector in Belgium. Helados Estiu won the only product innovation award again with WAO mochi.
  • ANUGA 2019: agri-food fair in Germany, which received 55,000 visitors from 155 countries to showcase the latest food and technology.

In all the fairs Helados Estiu has been a great success with the public. The result is rapid expansion as WAO Mochi is already present in European Union countries and some Asian countries.

If we add to all this the ambitious plans the company has for exports with great investments, development of new products adapted to customers and market needs, great growth is expected by Helados Estiu.