Helados Estiu has just presented three new products in mini format, some of the most successful of the company, as they are perfect as a dessert or snack. These are a mini cocoa stick, a mini mint stick and a mini cookie sandwich. These three new products join the success of the mochis, which, inspired by the famous Japanese dessert, hide a delicious ice cream behind a coating of glutinous rice dough and also provide such an appetizing mouthful that they have made headlines in several national newspapers and magazines.

Mini mint stick: For lovers of the English classic that mixes mint cream with dark chocolate, this mini stick is the zenith. A spectacular mint-flavoured stick with chocolate and mint sauce coating.

Mini cocoa cookie stick: hvanilla-flavoured ice cream and cocoa cookie coating. This is a fusion between the classic sandwich and the stick, in a totally indulgent version.

Mini cookie sandwich:: Super mini sandwich with vanilla-flavoured ice cream with chocolate chips with milk chocolate and almond coating. Its delicious cookie also has chocolate chips. To have as a snack or enjoy at any time.