Boosting entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and research is the main objective of the Fundación LAB Mediterráneo, a new project spearheaded by the Valencian Association of Entrepreneurs (AVE), and with 24 founding sponsors including Helados Estiu.

The Foundation has set out its initial goals: to encourage the creation and participation of tech startups, to promote support for businesses outside of the technology sector in the Valencian Community with the aim of accelerating their digital development, to contribute to increased private investment in R&D&I, and to facilitate advances in research. Many actions have been planned to help realise these goals, particularly the hosting of talks on entrepreneurship, open innovation, technology and the digital transformation of traditional businesses. To this end, the organisation will benefit from the involvement of its founding sponsors, while also making efforts to encourage collaboration among entrepreneurs and back other existing initiatives within the Foundation’s four areas of activity.

The Board of Trustees will initially be comprised of representatives appointed by each of the 24 founders: Aquaservice/Plug and Play, AVE, Banco Sabadell, Boluda Corporación Marítima, CaixaBank, Dacsa, Embutidos Martínez/KM Zero, Fundació Baleària, Fundación Torrecid, GDES, Grupo AZA, Grupo Bertolín, Grupo Gimeno, Helados Estiu, Importaco, Inelcom, Istobal, Logifruit, Mercadona/Lanzadera, Nunsys/Check Point, Rover Grupo, Royo Group, S2 Grupo, and Verne Technology Group. The Executive Committee, chaired by Alberto Gutiérrez, will also include the vice chairs Héctor Dominguis, CEO of GDES, and Yolanda Tomás, Managing Director of Istobal. The remaining positions in the governing body will be filled by Gianni Cecchin, the CEO of Verne Technology Group; Myriam Gimeno, the Managing Director of Grupo Gimeno; Raúl Martín, People and Systems Manager at Grupo Martínez and CEO of KM Zero; Javier Jiménez, the Managing Director of Lanzadera, who will serve as Vice Secretary; and Diego Lorente, General Secretary and Director of AVE, who will assume the position of Secretary.