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Thursday, August 06, 2020

 Estiu has invested 1 million in the last accounting year in order to relase new ice creams in this campaign

Estiu invierte

 Estiu has invested 1.7 million in the last accounting in order to release new ice creams in this campaign

The global investment in R&D and improvement of the factory in Ribarroja de Turia have reached 11 million euro in the last 6 years.

The technology used for the production of the Animadas ice cream has required a specific development in management, processing, production and manufacturing

The Valencian Company hopes for an increment in production of 7.25% million litres of ice cream to reach 19 million in 2014

Helados Estiu, Mercadona associate supplier, has invested 1.7 millions of euro in R&D in 2013 to increase production lines and improve structures. Adding the funding of the last 6 years, 11 million euro of investment has been reached. Financing in recent years has lead to improvements in each department to introduce new products this year lunched under the brand name Hacendado.

Animadas, Bonbon Milky Caramel, Bonbon Biscuit, Mini Bonbon Double Chocolate and 3 Chocolate Ice Cream Cake are some examples that represent global creations that the associate supplier of Mercadona, Helados Estiu, has launched for the recently started campaign. There are also other products modified in design, texture and flavour. Another product development is being worked on and could be released in 2014.

The year 2013 was a year of intense research and development of new products. Due to this effort 18 new innovations and improved products have been created. This year, sales are expected to increase by 7.25% and reach 19 million litres of ice cream.

The constant aim of Helados Estiu is to always bring the supermarkets the best products at the best price to meet the needs and desires of customers. All of our products are designed from customer suggestions and expectations and final approval from the customer is required once these products have been created.

Helados Estiu R&D department also practice co innovation with suppliers, along with them Helados Estiu has achieved a significant development of raw materials for this campaign. New toppings, improved and finer textures and new and more intense flavours have been creates.

Therefore, two new flavours have been created which can be used for the Bonbon Biscuit, caramel ice cream with pieces and for the Bonbon Milky Caramel. Also new textures and toppings have been created such as Milky Caramel or Milk Chocolate with pieces of both biscuits and chocolate. It is remarkable what has been achieved regarding a double topping in Mini Bonbon Double Chocolate because the chocolate ice cream is coated first with layer of chocolate syrup and a then with a layer of milk chocolate.

Funding in the latest production technology is an important part of innovation and has allowed Helados Estiu to make ice creams such as Animadas, a classic sandwich which has been created differently and in this case a stick has been introduced to allow child consumption. Also the vanilla ice cream is coated with Hacendado biscuit with childlike drawing on the one side and dipped in milk chocolate on the other. The creation of Animadas is about cutting-edge technological innovation, manufacturing and the creation of its flavour, texture, composition and combination.

The development of all products has also promoted a significant investment in employee training. Helados Estiu is characterized by the continuous training of workers. The launch of these new products has involved a year of hard work for all departments of the Valencia Company, including the R&D laboratory, quality, production, human resources department and engineering and maintenance department.



Vanilla ice cream in a biscuit decorated with Hacendado on one side and dipped in milk chocolate on the other.

bombón dulce de leche nota

Caramel ice cream with caramel pieces and milky caramel syrup all covered in delicious milky caramel.

Minibombón doble chocolate nota

Chocolate ice cream covered with a layer of chocolate syrup and a second layer of milk chocolate.

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