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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

How we are


NosotraoExperienciaOur company, Helados Estiu is 100% Valencian and was born in 1983 at the hands of a group of local ice cream makers that combined the family tradition with a modern and advanced manufacturing process. In 1997 the management of the company improved, and the outcome of today is a modern successful ice cream business focused on quality, innovation and excellent customer service.

Management Model

fabricaquienThe success of Helados Estiu is fundamentally due to the spirit that runs the company: The pursuit of excellence is integrated across the board in every one of our departments. This is achieved with the support of the staff that is in turn supported by strong leadership and good management. This leadership and management always seek to enhance the communicative environment and teamwork within the company. Hard work is an important value for Helados Estiu, and this is transmitted throughout the company and shown by all the individuals involved in the ice cream making process. This includes employees, suppliers and every distinctive person involved , however small their degree of participation. Achieving excellence and maintaining day to day hard work is the spirit of this Valencian Company, which in the end is noticeable.

Quality Policies and Environment

Helados Estiu Inc. has a high focus on the design, manufacturing and marketing of ice creams. Our main objective is to achieve customer satisfaction. This objective is held by the management and it is known, understood and accepted by each of the individuals of our organisation. We are convinced that client acceptance is the way to achieve durable and strong commercial networking.

Our mission, therefore, is to be a Quality reference in the market, with competitive prices and with the final aim being that our products satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers. This is achieved through outstanding presentations and in the high hygiene standards and maintenance. We commit to guide our work with minimal environmental impact, where possible.

To achieve this we promise to:

  • Introduce a market focus strategy that allows us to continue to learn about the needs of our clients and consumers and to achieve high quality satisfaction with our products and services. Our tools are: quality, flexibility and quick response to the market.
  • Secure the seamless improvement of products and the fulfilment of the internal client, legal and regulatory requirements of Helados Estiu Inc.
  • Promote these requirements in our company through awareness and training of our personnel, enabling them so that they can assume their responsibilities with regard to quality, security, and the environment.
  • Every member of the organisation behaves in a responsible way from a perspective of labour and ethics, with regards to moral factors, that in the long term are essential to the company lifetime.
  • Ensure the availability of the necessary resources in order to achieve environmental objectives and quality.
  • Design, build and operate our facilities and processes with the best possible practices in order to prevent pollution, optimise consumption of natural resources and promote energy efficiency.
  • Incorporate our quality and environmental policy at all levels of the organisation, customers, suppliers, contractors, general public, and other stake holders.

These commitments provide the framework for setting and reviewing performance goals and objectives and should serve as a guide for all members of Helados Estiu Inc. Therefore, integrating these policies into the planning and management of the company will have a secure coherent response in the activities related to environmental, quality and food safety.

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